Monday, March 17, 2008


At my last job, I was in a Powerball pool. As a matter of fact, I stayed in it a while after I left (the pool coordinator emailed me to ask if I wanted to play, and I paid him when I saw him). After a few years, I dropped it. I always wondered what would happen if the pool at my old job hit the Powerball.

My close friend has a similar story. Except that the last place of employment for my friend was here. Said friend is now feeling pretty sick.

I think you call that "irony." Or perhaps you should file it under "things that suck."

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MsJamie said...

Oh that would be awful!!

I contribute $2 a week to our office lottery pool because no way am I going to be stuck there when they hit it.

I was hoping it was us that won over the weekend before we knew who did. But of course I figured it wasn't. But very glad for the people who did. My husband knows one of the husband's (the sheriff's deputy who was quoted in some articles - they went all through school together). It does make you think wow if it could happen to someone I know, maybe it really could happen to me!

I can always dream :)