Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What Sci Fi/Fantasy Character are You?

I'm Galadriel:

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Possessing a rare combination of wisdom and humility, while serenely dominating your environment you selflessly use your powers to care for others.

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

BlogherConferenceDiscussionGuidelines.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Interesting guidelines for conference panels, discussions, et al. Recommended by Ms. Mentor, so you know it's good.

Monday, October 10, 2005

eSchool News online - Critics blast ED's 'propaganda' probe

OK, so let's see if I got this right. They did a probe that found that the Repubs had purchased propaganda in violation of federal rules, but they don't call it "Illegal"? Kind of makes you wonder where they'll draw the line. I wonder if such as defense would work against the IRS? eSchool News online - Critics blast ED's 'propaganda' probe: "D"

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Religion (Bolt Upright)

LIghtning struck a church after the preacher asked God for an answer. A minister asked God for an answer, and I guess he got one! Further proof that you don't pray unless you're really ready fof the answer. Personaly, I think God's answer was "Shush!"

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Devastating Impact of Hurricane George

Interesting Article. And I've heard that the overflow of the lake that is now in NO is being called Lake George. I imagine he was looking forward to having an airport named after him like Ronnie. Now he's go his very own lake!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Roman's weblog » Post Apoclypse LA

The latest link from Roman's blog with links to NO LA blogs and images. Heartbreaking. Fine writer though he continues to be, I liked it better when he was blogging imagination and not reality. Imagination you can ignore and forget.

Friday, August 12, 2005

The WINBUTTON - You the button click. Money you might win.

Also visit its counterpart, the Losebutton. The WINBUTTON - You the button click. Money you might win.

New Words in the language

You know, this is what I just love about English. Our great language changes and gets more interesting by the day. Can you see this happening in French or inthe Spanish of Spain? The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Oxford dictionary accepts "phishing"

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Collective Nouns

Wowie Zowie! Thsi is really cool! The definihte list of of collective nouns. Collective Nouns

Friday, July 01, 2005

Monday, June 27, 2005

Computer Rage

Demonstrations of how to safely express computer rage. I love it!!Computer Rage

Researchers: Metcalfe's Law overshoots the mark | CNET

Which laws work and which don't. Researchers: Metcalfe's Law overshoots the mark | CNET

Excite News: New Jack the Ripper theories put sleuths in a spin

I don't know why I've always been fascinated by the Jack the Ripper saga, but this is really interesting. I wonder if there's anything to the sailor story? Or, if J the R could be either a sailor or a surgeon, why not both? Didn't ships at the time have ship doctors? That could conveniently tie together these two theories. And I would imagine that the comings and goings of a ship's doctor would be better documented than a simple deck hand, as society has alwys been more interested in teh well-to-d0 and professional than the poor working class. Excite News

Rock the Vote

BBC Radio In Our Time A BBC Radio Show's opportunity to vote for the greatest philosopher of all time. I'm still looking for the Hamburglar. His "Robble Robble" has influenced generations of those who came after him. I, in fact, count that as a significatn influence on my life.That's why I'm always stealing Kim's french fries.

Sith Happens

When I walked into my office today, I saw the message "Sith Happens :-)" written neatly on my whiteboard. That's one of the reasons that I like to keep a whiteboard: it not only allows me to tell others where I am (when you're a department of one with a busy schedule and no secretary, that's invaluable), and it also provides some interesting reflections from the students.

Now, my formative years were in the 1980's. (I know, that explains a lot!) Back then, the expression was "Shit happens." I can go along with that. Shit happens, and if it doesn't, then there's a problem. We need to expect a certain amount of shit each day: it keeps us on our toes and keeps us regular, and thus helps our overall disposition, in the long run. Too much shit, of course, is not good, just like too much chocolate is not good. (I've never seen too much chocolate, though.)

< channel Yoda > But "Sith Happens," now, these are words for our day. Sith does not need to happen. Sith happens only from greed, impatience, and a lust for power, at some level. And Sith we need to fight against. We see Sith everywhere, especially in the current policies. And this Sith does not need to be, unlike Shit. THere is no acceptable amount of Sith. We must use our force to fight it.

< /channel Yoda >

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Shakespearean Insulter

For those times when you care enough to insult the very best way you can. Shakespearean Insulter

Friday, May 06, 2005

Change or Die

An interesting article that I'm going to have to read more of when I have more time. Change or Die

Monday, May 02, 2005

U B U W E B :: Dial-A-Poem Poets

This is pretty neat. Apparently in the early 1970's there was a Dial-A-Poem line (similar to Dial-a-Prayer, I guess). It's now archived and on the web for all to see and hear. Some pretty interesting things. Wish I had more time to listen to it, but maybe I will tonight. U B U W E B :: Dial-A-Poem Poets

Friday, April 29, 2005

Charleston Daily Mail: Blair Mountain Really Should be saved

The monst honest look at Appalachian history (or the lack thereof) that I've ever seen. I could have written this article myself. Charleston Daily Mail

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Cornell News: Slime-mold beetle named for Bush

Bush is finally having an impact on the scientific world that isn't an unqualified negative. Cornell News: Slime-mold beetle named for Bush

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Parting Glass: Albums

The annotated Pogues lyrics. Many I had figured out on my own, like the reference to the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, but there are some good tidbits in here, like the lyrics to Galway Bay. I can't wait to peruse this more! The Parting Glass: Albums

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I fought the law and I won

Googlefighting, the next step beyond googlewhacking. Actually, it's the opposite want your terms to have lots of hits. It's pretty cute. Amazing how people play with Internet toys. Google Fight : Make this fight with googleFight I VS the law

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wired News: It's Just the 'internet' Now

Wired magazine has decided not to captialize Internet, Net, and Web. It'll take me a while to get used to it,a nd I wonder how quickly it will catch on. Most folks still spell the verb Xerox with a capital X. Wired News: It's Just the 'internet' Now

Wired News: Mac's Original Designer Dies

Let's have a moment of silence for one of the few Renaissance men of our time. Yet another creative man felled by pancreatic cancer like Uncle Gene. Wired News: Mac's Original Designer Dies

Monday, February 28, 2005

Googlewhackers: Two Words, One Hit |

Googlewhacking. Sounds like something that George, Roman, and I would have done in the old days at WVNET. Coule be interesting. If I were still teaching English, I'd probably offer some extra credit for Googlewhacking. I may have to try it some time and see if I can get Susie to try. We would have a bunch of fun with that! Googlewhackers: Two Words, One Hit |

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

RedNova News - Can This Black Box See Into the Future?

There are some really fascinating ideas in here...ideas that are a bit hard for some to swallow. But why are we so willing to believe that animals have this ability and we've lost it? I think there is something to this, but what I'm not sure.

RedNova News - Can This Black Box See Into the Future?

On Bullshit

While it lasts...this is an interesting article. The New York Times > Books > Between Truth and Lies, An Unprintable Ubiquity

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Flood Musings

Well, the Ohio River is on its way to another flood, the third in less than a calendar year. It's amazing to me how people can put up with this time after time. I know that last fall's flood was atypical in a lot of ways, and this one will be a more typical flood. Just the fact that there is such a beast as a typical flood amazes me! At any rate, I'm certain that roads will be closed. Marietta floods at 38 feet; many streets are closed at 36. I'm not sure at what level the Williamstown Bridge floods.

I'm also astounded at the specialized knowledge that I've picked up since I've been here, without even reailzing it. It's not really transferable; it's not important to know that the Hermann Parking Lot takes on water at 40 feet, just above flood stage. But folks around here are resilient, and they put up with it flood after flood. Apparently flooding was much more prevalent before the addition of the lock and dam system. Debbie was saying today that it flooded every year, and that folks just dealt with it, much the same way that they deal with annual snow. People just learn to move their belongings upstairs, clean the downstairs really well, and start all over again. I admire them, as I don't think I could do that. But in a way, I guess I do. I found this apartment at the very last minute, and it was only pure dumb luck that it was out of the flood plain. And in Parkersburg, who apparently got tired of getting water in their homes and built the floodwall. I think the floodwall is the best thing about Parkersburg. Smartest idea this town ever had. I wonder what Grandma Saunders thought of the floodwall?

And after a while, even living as far from the river as I do, I'm starting to get a sense of the river. I guess that's not too surprising, since I cross it at least twice a day. As early as Monday, I started getting concerned about this flood, and praying for the rain to stop. I just had a feeling. The river also looks and feels different. I could tell that the river was rising, even though I've seen it much higher. The river seemed angry, reaching and grabbing at whatever it could find. When the river was receding, even though the level was higher than it was today, it had a different feeling. It seemed resentful and rather determined, like it was still trying to hold onto the land that it had just reclaimed. Both were quite different from the welcoming river that I've grown to love, the river that hoists barges on its back, that beckons to families to play, and that laughs when the sunlight hits it.

My cousin once said that she thought that a wildfire would be the worst of all possible disasters. I hope I never have either one, but I'd think that a flood would be worse in one way. When a fire ends, everything's gone. When a flood recedes, everything is ruined, and nothing can be done before the cleanup: no rebuilding, no planning, nothing. The only way in which I think a flood beats a wildfire is in the loss of life. You can see a river flood coming and at least get yourself out of the way.

So that's where it stands now. The river is now at 32.56 feet and rising. I'll report later on what tomorrow brings. No one has ever said that life was boring on the river!

Saddam Update

Just an update on a post from last summer, when you were introduced to Saddam the Crawdaddy.

Heedless of the wind and weather, Saddam still occupies the little hole outside my patio. I figured that he would certainly hibernate or migrate or something, but he's still there. Granted, it has been unseasonably warm (and wet), but I often see his little head poking out of his little crawdaddy hole. After a while, he started to grow on me, and I kinda like the guy now. I'd like to feed him this time of year, but I don't know what he eats. I know it certainly isn't turkey.

Ohio River Flood Level

at the confluence of the Ohio and the Muskingum (close to the hotel) is reported at the bottom of the page. Welcome to the City of Marietta


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