Monday, June 27, 2005

Sith Happens

When I walked into my office today, I saw the message "Sith Happens :-)" written neatly on my whiteboard. That's one of the reasons that I like to keep a whiteboard: it not only allows me to tell others where I am (when you're a department of one with a busy schedule and no secretary, that's invaluable), and it also provides some interesting reflections from the students.

Now, my formative years were in the 1980's. (I know, that explains a lot!) Back then, the expression was "Shit happens." I can go along with that. Shit happens, and if it doesn't, then there's a problem. We need to expect a certain amount of shit each day: it keeps us on our toes and keeps us regular, and thus helps our overall disposition, in the long run. Too much shit, of course, is not good, just like too much chocolate is not good. (I've never seen too much chocolate, though.)

< channel Yoda > But "Sith Happens," now, these are words for our day. Sith does not need to happen. Sith happens only from greed, impatience, and a lust for power, at some level. And Sith we need to fight against. We see Sith everywhere, especially in the current policies. And this Sith does not need to be, unlike Shit. THere is no acceptable amount of Sith. We must use our force to fight it.

< /channel Yoda >

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