Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rejected Facebook Status Updates

This past year has been a bit of a tough one, and I try to maintain a positive face in public. Since I have bunches of friends on Facebook, I consider that a public place. However, there are some things in Facebook that I dearly would have loved to have posted but didn't think they were appropriate.

In no particular order:
  • Mountain Laurel really hopes she's around to see when those bastards get what's coming to them.
  • Mountain Laurel now remembers why she broke up with that particular ex.
  • Mountain Laurel will never post another political update as she's getting sick of refereeing among her friends with varying viewpoints.
  • Mountain Laurel really wishes people would just show each other some respect.
  • Mountain Laurel misses home. A lot.
  • Mountain Laurel isn't sure that she can do this.
  • Mountain Laurel thinks the meat she cooked for dinner may have been bad. She's been sitting for a half hour and needs to again!
  • Mountain Laurel wishes that folks would watch Desperate Housewives instead of creating drama at work.
  • Mountain Laurel loves to see karma at work via football.
  • Mountain Laurel found a dead rat outside her back stoop.
  • Mountain Laurel prefers live rats to dead ones.
  • Mountain Laurel has enough drama in real life that she doesn't need it on Facebook.
Again, recall that these are rejected postings, meaning that the positive ones and more appropriate ones made it onto Facebook, and thus aren't here. So don't worry too much about me, folks.

And feel free to add your rejected status updates as well. Even if you don't use Facebook.