Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RIP, Mr. Yup Yup

Here's a video of the Yup Yup man. It's a bit grainy, but I thought the clearer video was insulting, so you're going to have to suffer with graininess.

He was a fixture around Morgantown, a little odd to be sure, but never hurt a fly, and never drank alcohol, regardless of how many bars he frequented.

He never spoke to me, and I've heard rumors that he didn't speak to women. I can believe that. He was a gentle soul.

I remember when his landlord died in the early 90s, the concern was "what's going to happen to Mr. Yup Yup?" as we all knew that the landlord provided a place for him to stay and looked out for him. I never knew till today, but I continued to see him around town so I knew he was all right.