Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eight Things Meme

I was tagged by JediJawa with the Eight Interesting things meme, so here goes:
  1. My house (my bedroom, to be precise) was hit by a tractor-trailer when I was five years old. Since then I've harbored an irrational fear of tractor-trailers.
  2. I'm thinking of growing my hair out for Locks of Love. But I'm afraid that they'll send it back because they can't do anything with it either!
  3. I took gymnastics lessons at the same place (and at the same time) that Mary Lou Retton did. She learned much better than I did.
  4. My eyes are terrible and have been all my life. My secret wish is to wake up in the morning and be able to see.
  5. Contrary to common belief, I was born in Richmond, Virginia.
  6. My family has lived on the same piece of land since the Revolutionary War.
  7. My first major purchase after I finally got out of grad school and got a real job was WVU season football tickets.
  8. Eight is my lucky number!
Now tagging:
Ms. Jamie
Kayak Dave
Anne Johnson
Elvis Drinkmo
Lulu Bunny
Just Judith
Yellowdog Granny

(links to follow after I cook Thanksgiving dinner)


jedijawa said...

Yay! Another one reciprocates! Very cool stuff!

LuluBunny said...

Thanks for tagging me - I will post my 8 things sometime this weekend :)

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving :)

MsJamie said...

Oh how fun. Let me see now.

And it doesn't sound like your fear of tractor trailers is all that irrational!

LuluBunny said...

I finally got around to playing along.


Thanks for tagging me, it was fun :)

Anonymous said...

Kayakdave says:
1. I donated my body to science; they sent back a card saying no thanks.
2. The Red Cross won’t take my blood either.
3. I never get a cold; my body is too toxic for germs to live in.
4. I turned down a job with a computer company in 1971 and instead went to work for a steel company.
5. I didn’t invest in IBM because I figured who needs to make copies when we have carbon paper.
6. I went to Hawaii for a fortnight; coming back I got stranded in Chicago and when finally I made it home we had record rainfall and the next day snow.
7. When I was born the doctor took one look at me and slapped my mother.
8. I once voted for a republican.