Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Answers to my question

Yesterday I asked the question "What does this say about us?" Today I got two answers. One is a direct and insightful answer from The Film Geek. The other is an indirect one reproduced below.

I got this message in email today. It's a lovely answer to my question. Apparently the Taco Bell where young Ms. Gravely was killed is holding a benefit for her tomorrow, Thursday, July 10. If you're anywhere in the area, please consider supporting this effort.



*Most of you have surely heard of the tragic shooting of the young
mother at our local Taco Bell Restaurant on Patrick Street this past


*Taco Bell management has allowed the store to stay closed until
tomorrow, Thursday, at 10AM in the interest of their employees.
Management invited several pastors and counselors to meet with all of
their employees yesterday. We spent much of the time with them as a
group and also broke up for individual ministry. It was a powerful time
that surely will aid the healing process in their lives.*


*Taco Bell is going to contribute the total proceeds of Thursday's sales
toward the needs of the family of the young woman. We are encouraging
all who read this e-mail to purchase at least one meal there tomorrow.*


*It was a blessing to Nancy and I to find out that the Area Manager of
Taco Bell had been part of our congregation twenty years ago!*


*The management is to be commended for their interest in doing justice
for their employees and for the family of the young woman.*


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rebecca said...

That's such a sad story. Having lived through domestic violence (not with Mike... long time ago) I feel especially sad knowing that she tried to get out and couldn't. It's really easy for people to become frustrated with domestic violence victims who don't (or can't!) get out of their situations, but it can be extremely difficult, especially if you don't have big, scary people to protect you as you move away.

To be honest, I still sometimes feel fear, just knowing that he's out there, and I was one of the lucky ones who made a pretty clean cut when I severed my life from his. It was extremely difficult. I can't imagine how it is for people whose abusers stalk them, kidnap them, follow them everywhere...

I feel so sad for this family.