Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Am I a Blagger?

I'm reading All Click's post Outside the comfort zone, in which he draws some conclusions about new blogs he's been reading. One of these is actually one that I contribute to. He observes that "not all bloggers post something every single day." Shoot, I don't always even post every week. Does that make be a bad blogger (or, my new word, a blagger)?

I could use all the excuses, some of which are even valid. I've got a new job, in my field that means a move, and I'm still not sure which end is up in my new town.

It isn't that I have no topics. I could blog about my growing Judge Judy and America's Got Talent addiction (shame that it is on both counts). I could post about how one of Ohio's typical drivers finally nailed me yesterday. I could post about what my favorite bloggers had to say about George Carlin's passing (hint: has nothing to do with the Seven Words)and what that says about why I like them. But all the posts seem to demand more time and energy than I currently can muster.

So where is that energy going? Well, I've been reading and commenting. Lots. I've been getting into Maura's blog and MacDaddy's blog, and of course there are my perennial favorites of Just Judith, Jedi Jawa, and all my co-contributors at Appalachian greens. These blogs certainly provoke thought, and I think that I'm still mulling over what they're saying. Perhaps I'm trying to get my groove back. I certainly hope so.

So what do you think? Have I been a blagger?


JDB said...

You'd be a blagger if you threw up anything at all every day/week just to do it. I'll admit to being one of the every day people, mostly because it fits in my routine, but I'm comfortable not saying anything here and there.

So, no, you're not a blagger!

MountainLaurel said...

Good point, JDB. Though I wouldn't describe you as throwing something up just to do it.

Chris James said...

"Blagger" is Scottish slang (according to Spike Nesmith) for a theif, and, since your content is pretty fresh and original, I'd say that you are most certainly not a "blagger."

Maura said...

I've been blogging since about 2002 (i think?) in some capacity and there is this social competition and neurotic need to express every blessed thing, everyday, interesting or not. Some people mistakenly think they *are* that interesting, or some folks get the attention they need for themselves. Truth is, though, that it's a service, and your terms. I believe in "writing every day" as Stephen King noted is good exercise, but to essentially publish every day is unnecessary.

And luckily Feeds keep us from going to look and having expectations gone.

Rebecca said...

There are days when I am loaded with idea's to post and days when I just want to read others.

The 'Post everyday' idea is so yesterday given RSS, not to mention that not everyone is on their computer everyday ~ some actually have a life?

jedijawa said...

I know what you mean about finding the time and energy to put up a meaningful post. I get all sorts of ideas and will jot them down as a draft and will go back to them later when I have that time and energy. But when I want to do an important post it does take a half hour or more of uninterrupted time to think it out and type (luckily I think and type fast).

Thanks for your kind words. I love your comments on my blog and would certainly miss your visits. I need to get back to reading some of my favorite blogs more often ... I pretty much only have time to keep up with JDB's and some occasional others. I'm sometimes worried that makes me a blagger for doing more talking than reading.