Friday, December 07, 2007

One Hundred Years Ago Today: Monongah Mine Disaster

Here's my post from yesterday on Appalachian Greens: One Hundred Years Ago Today: Monongah Mine Disaster. I'm linking because I'm too lazy to crosspost, and I think I'll be making some additions.


whaat? said...

my grandparents (mother's side) were downstaters (wv) during the coal wars and had to move north to ohio (bridgeport) because my hotheaded grandpa was going to get everyone killed. grandma put the kids (my mom, aunts and uncles) under the sink while bullets hit their house and came in through the windows. our picture of grandpa hanging on the wall is of him sitting in a chair smoking a cigar and holding a pistol. he sounds like a regular swashbuckler except for the fact that he was a king hell racist. so it goes.

MountainLaurel said...

That's fascinating. Where was your family? There were several areas that had bullets flying at that time. yes, so it goes. I think everyone's got bad and good in them, and you have to take them as a whole package. If he took good care of his family, tha'ts worth a lot.

And welcome! HOpe you can stick around!

whaat? said...

I don't know or remember where they were. My mother passed away in 1998 and all my aunts and uncles are long gone. I have cousins in California but have a feeling they won't know either. i don't know how i stumbled on you guys here and at appalachian greens but it's been fun. kayakdave is hilarious. and very local to me (i'm across the river in ohio and up on the hill) so when he blogs about wheeling i'm right there. take care.