Friday, August 24, 2007

Ten things I love about my life

So you won't all think I'm a huge whiny loser:
  1. I love a wonderful man and he loves me. Lots of people don't get that lucky.
  2. I work with a great bunch of people. They are all top-notch at what they do.
  3. I have friends. People often say, "Hi, Laurel, how are you?" And I KNOW they mean it.
  4. We have ceremonies where I work. I love ceremonies.
  5. I have a wonderful crawdad living in my back yard.
  6. My friends are virtual (like the ones at Appalachian Greens) as well as face-to-face. Heck, I've probably walked or driven past Kayak or Elvis, but neither of us would know it.
  7. I've been reading and sharing great books with my friends.
  8. Thus far this year, four beautiful babies have been born healthy to my friends. What's better than that? UPDATE: Five beautiful, healthy babies. That's what's better than four. Welcome, Chloe!
  9. I still can't count, but luckily I'm in a field where it really doesn't matter.

1 comment:

kayakdave said...

I think that if I were to walk past you and my antennas were tuned up at the time I’d maybe, just maybe, “sense” something. I know there is an “energy” out there that people can occasionally tap into when their mind is right. (or way wrong, who knows)
Best I can say it, don’t know any fancy terms for it.