Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hey Kids, Take Your Vitamins!!

I just love this Quote of the Day from Larry Messina's Lincoln Walks at Midnight blog, focused on political news from West Virginia:

"(I)f people are consuming lower numbers of fish, that number in the fish tissue can be a little bit higher because they’re not taking as much in.”

-- Mike Arcuri, an analyst with Department of Environmental Protection, explaining to Public Broadcasting why his agency believes that West Virginia should allow more mercury in its waters than what federal standards recommend.

Because we have to make sure that we have our Recommended Daily Allowance of Mercury, and if we're not getting enough, well, by golly, let's let more mercury into the water so that we can catch up.

It boggles the mind.

UPDATE: Ken Ward Jr., arguably the best investigative journalist in the state, at Sustained Outrage continues with the story on mercury and fish in WV waters.


All Click said...

lol excellent quote.

In another story, I've cut down on my fast food cheese burger intake, so feel free to increase the amount of feces found in it as I'm not getting as much now.

MountainLaurel said...

Thanks, AllClick. Yes, we probably should do that. You can feel free to add your own feces. ;-)

tanstaafl said...

I'll have baked steak with curly fries--and a teaspoon of mercury, please, my metal content is down just a bit right now.

What a doofus.

World Vitamins Online said...

It's hard to believe that he actually said that out loud.