Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Proof that there is a God, and He is not happy.

Breaking News: Focus on the Familiy lays off 149, eliminates 53 vacant positions

Subtitle: "you did WHAT in My name?????"


Anonymous said...

I never agreed 100% with their views, but there are 200+ people who are now jobless. They may have families or mortgages or hey, just like a meal or two and now, they're out a job. I don't think an unhappy God wants more unhappy on Earth.

MountainLaurel said...

Hello and welcome Anonymous. You are correct that it is disheartening to see so many families left jobless (at this time of the year, especially). Apparently my empathy didn't carry to my blog post and was restricted to twitter. Thanks for calling me out on that. I'll agree that I don't think God wants more unhappiness.

Ruppie said...

You know, my empathy only goes so far. An organization that insists that they have the "right" answer, lobbies hard to keep individuals from having the choice of making decisions that, after long deliberation, seems right for them, condemns and vilifies anyone who anyone who doesn't accept their position, isn't one I want to see flourish. Maybe I'm too hard hearted, but I don't think it's a bad thing when organizations like this start to go out of business. Plus, they still have a $138 million budget. There are companies hurting a whole lot more that I can feel much more sympathy towards.

Anonymous said...

Ruppie, you MUST be a Conservative Republican, then, because that is exactly what we've been accused of all along. you don't want to see any opposition of your thoughts supported. Verrry classy, libtard. Keep it up. We're watching.

MountainLaurel said...

Ruppie, I have to say that I still feel bad for the families, and I agree that the management might be able to squeeze some of that $138 million into a few more months of work. Again, though, my sympathy is with the families, not with the organization. If they had robots, I'd be cheering in the streets. Since these are real people with real families, I do feel for the folks who've lost their jobs, and Anonymous #1 pointed out.

Anonymous #2 (I assume there are two as the tones are so different), I won't tolerate name-calling on this blog. If you disagree with Ruppie, fine. Please state so in a respectful fashion. And who exactly is the "we" that are watching?

I welcome diverse views and spirited discussion. Namecalling and veiled threats have no place here. If you can discuss topics respectfully, I'll look forward to hearing your view.