Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Democrat? No, Republican. No, seriously!!

I may not be the brightest candle on the cake, but I'm sure I'd never register as a Republican. And, if by some fluke of nature or butterfly ballot type of form, I sure as hell wouldn't tell anyone like this guy did!!! Registered Democrat leaves GOP race


JDB said...

Hey, sometimes it works out. From Volokh:

Schwarzer, a Ford appointee, said he voted more for Democrats than Republicans. But when a friend in Mill Valley, Calif., ran for the county's board of supervisors in the 1960s, Schwarzer and his wife registered Republican to give him two more votes in a contested primary.
They never changed their registration. So when political operatives did background checks on him, he came back a Republican, making it OK for Ford to appoint him.

rkdwv said...

It seems to me registering in the wrong party by mistake is an automatic statement saying "You shouldn't be elected dog catcher!"
However, when I see some of the folks who have been elected in this state, like the guy who told the public "You knew I didn't know accounting when you elected me to be Auditor",
nothing surprises me.

kayakdave said...

Kinda says a lot for conservatives eh?