Friday, October 12, 2007

Can they sink no lower?

This article in the NY Times details how the right-wing nutjobs like Michelle Malkin are Sliming Graeme Frost, the Maryland child that served as an example of the kinds of people the SCHIP is supposed to help. Instead of feeling sympathy for the poor kid who has gone (and is going) through a terrible ordeal, instead Michelle Malkin publishes his home address so that people can drive by and take a look at their house for themselves. There's an excellent analysis in the WV Blue. This is unconscionable. These Republican chickies, both Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter. Exactly how nuts do these people have to show they are before they are taken somewhere to get treatment? I hope they're nuts and not just eaten up with hate. Nuts you can treat. I'm not so sure about hate.

Again, I'll add to what Kanye West said about Bush. He also hates hurt children. And anyone else who opposes him.

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